Adaptation by Malinda Lo

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Lo_Adaptation_HC_600x900I think the best part about books is their ability to capture you within the first few pages, and with Adaptation, this was definitely the case. This book captured my interest immediately with its dramatic and fast-paced storyline and its brief and teasing character descriptions. I ended up carrying this book around with me everywhere I went. Cliffhangers, plot twists and suspenseful endings are scattered between chapters, leaving it almost impossible to put down.

The book is set in America, following a recent crisis involving plane crashes that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people. This book is written from a third-person perspective, meaning that you follow the characters through each of their different hardships and monumentally huge triumphs. I personally found the main character, Reese, an extremely relatable character as her teenage views are portrayed accurately without overdramatising her thoughts or choices as many authors describing teens do.

As the book continued, I found myself falling further into strong relationships with each character, particularly Reese. I found myself cringing, laughing and crying along with each situation, which is quite a special and rare scenario between a reader and a book.

I would recommend Adaptation to everyone looking for a book tackling themes such conspiracy, murder, mystery and love head-on. I would consider it suitable for ages 13-18, and possibly beyond, as it has such an original storyline and completely captures you from the first word right through to the last.

To find out more about Malinda Lo and her other novels, visit her official website.

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