Cuckoo Playlist: Alternative Christmas

This little playlist offers a selection of alternative Christmas songs. I’ve picked a collection of songs that capture that Christmassy feel and bring out that warm, fuzzy, nostalgic feeling that comes with the advent countdown. However, none are from the list of irritating commercial Christmas tunes that have been playing on repeat in all supermarkets since the first of October…

Hiding Tonight – Alex Turner

This first one reminds me of that Christmassy slump – those cosy, lazy days with the curtains drawn, the lovely surprise of finding melted chocolate buttons on the backside of the pyjamas you’ve had on for four days non-stop, watching the Doctor Who Christmas special on repeat again and again.  This is what Christmas is all about basically.

Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club

This one, I feel, captures the excitement in the build up to Christmas. That “eeeeeeek”  feeling and manic grin that inevitably appears when you think of presents under the tree, mince pies and paper hats from Christmas crackers.

River – Joni Mitchell

The third song I’ve chosen is a lot more melancholy. It’s about a sadder side of Christmas, possibly a much needed reminder that the frivolous festivities aren’t quite so joyous for everybody and beautifully nostalgic – definitely a tearjerker and advisably to be accompanied with Quality Streets and tissues.

Horchata – Vampire Weekend

This Vampire Weekend song is all about finding something warm in the cold, which for me is symbolic of the pocket of cosy that Christmas represents in the dark and chilly winter months. And who doesn’t look psychotic in a balaclava?

Laura – Bat For Lashes

I’m not entirely sure how related to Christmas this song is but this time last year me and my sister played it over and over again, singing at the top of our voices whilst baking snowflake biscuits and wrapping presents and ever since it has always reminded me of Christmas time.

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