Cuckoo Playlist: Alternative Christmas songs

With the weeks until Christmas gradually dissapearing, all the shops and Christmas adverts seem to be playing the traditional. When that all gets too repetitive, here is a playlist featuring some alternative and original Christmas songs.

Home For The Holidays – Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler

Taken from their joint Christmas album ‘This is Christmas’ (which is worth a full listen), this song is upbeat without being as cringeworthy as some of the more traditional tunes. It’s also one which is bound to get stuck in your head after a few listens.

Christmas Time – Noah and The Whale

Back when Laura Marling was in the band, Noah and The Whale released a lesser well known but just as pleasing seasonal folk song, which is reflective upon the memories that Christmas time brings.

Christmas Lights – Coldplay

Whilst large bands such as Coldplay usually release cover versions of traditional tracks for Christmas, this song is an original Christmas track, which has a satisfying end-of-the-year feel to it. The video is also pretty impressive, featuring a hundred fans of the band releasing different coloured balloons from a boat whilst singing along to part of the song.

Goodbye England (Covered in Snow) – Laura Marling

Whilst most Christmas songs have some kind of direct link to traditional Christmas festivities, this song feels slower and more like a reflection on the winter season as a whole, rather than being purely about Christmas.

All I want for Christmas – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Even though this song shares the name with the popular Christmas tune, this Yeah Yeah Yeahs track is completely different from the song we all know, and is not actually a cover at all.  With a definite seasonal feel to it, this is another cheerful and upbeat Christmas tune which will also likely be stuck in your head after a listen or two.

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