INTERVIEW: Brett Dennen

brett_dennen1Up and coming singer-songwriter Brett Dennen supported Paloma Faith on her recent appearance at Newcastle City Hall. I took the chance to find out more about him.

What made you want to be a singer?

I never had a defining moment, I remember going to mountain camp and watching the camp councillors playing the guitar, and then I went to college and joined a band and realised that I wanted to be a singer .

What inspires your songs?

Making sense of life and things around me, everything that exists through love and heart-break, anything that happens in life, like war, death and my loved ones.

What would you say to anyone wanting to be a singer?

Be yourself, there are a lot of copies/imitations because of the popularity of having a certain image, everyone is born individual and trying to be someone else promotes impure feelings and the destruction of the soul. Being yourself catalogues the struggle of the person and shows the most defining moments in someone’s life.

Was there a song that inspired the artist you are today?

A lot of my inspiration came from Paul Simon’s Graceland album.

What would you be if you weren’t a singer?

If I wasn’t a singer I’d probably be an artist using paints or anything that involves the  .

After the interview I had the chance to see Paloma Faith and Brett Dennen in concert. Brett opened with songs from his albums, songs such as ‘Ain’t No Reason,’ ‘Wild Child’ and ‘Heaven’ which all had the folk/country vibe running through them, showing his Californian roots .

When Paloma Faith came on stage, she was backed by a band dressed in black, contrasting well with the white staging and piano.  She sang  many of her songs such as ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This,’ ‘Falling to Pieces’ and a cover of ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough .’

She has an incredible bluesy, soulful and enchanting voice and kept the audience entertained with comedy and banter throughout; she was utterly charming. I’d highly recommend seeing her again next time she tours.



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