REVIEW: Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce

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Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce is an exhilarating modern retelling of The Snow Queen. It begins with Kai and Ginny, a teenage couple whose lives revolve around one another (quite adorably). However, all the plans they’ve made for the future are crushed in a matter of days  when Kai meets Mora, a beautiful and mysterious girl, and disappears. Ginny then sets off on the journey of a lifetime to find out the truth  and try to refill the hole in her heart with just what had left it.

Cold Spell is the fourth instalment in Pearce’s Fairytale Retellings, though it works just fine on its own. I  haven’t read any of the others but wasn’t lacking in any information. I  really enjoyed reading Cold Spell, as I had been feeling a little starved of YA fiction, and was pleasantly surprised by this YA romance with a refreshing fairy tale spin. The characters are generally very well written. Though I wasn’t completely taken with Ginny, I did like her character progression as she began to realise she was her own person, not just Kai’s Girlfriend. I enjoyed meeting the characters along her journey and would have liked to know more about them! However, I must say I found the setting quite hard to picture and would have liked a tiny bit more description.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes YA romance, and still believes in fairy tales. There were parts that scared me, parts that made me laugh. It was a very enjoyable read. I definitely want to try some of his other books!

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