REVIEW: Flying into Daylight @ Live Theatre

Newcastle Upon Tyne
Produced by: Ron Hutchinson
Tuesday 2nd December 2014
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flying into daylight“You should be afraid every time you step on dance floor because this is not a dance like any other dance.”

Flying into Daylight is a production of passion, desire and risking it all to take to the dance floor. Virginia is the typical uptight English woman, with a “cold English heart,” but that all changes once she falls into the arms of tango teacher, Marco.

Based on an original story by Victoria Fischer, Flying into Daylight is far from a production just about learning the Tango; it covers the much deeper issue of protagonist Virginia’s battle with cancer. Although only mentioned on a few occasions, it becomes apparent from the outset that Virginia’s desire to follow her dreams is fuelled by coming just breaths away from losing everything. Flying into Daylight is ultimately a lesson in taking opportunities as they come, dancing in the moment and taking notice of what you want in life.

The storyline once Virginia gets to Buenos Aires is perfectly predictable from the beginning. Of course, if you fly half way across the Atlantic to learn the Tango you will fall in love with your teacher, especially if he exudes the confidence that Vantyler does when he moves across the floor. The passion and sheer chemistry between Vantyler and Strallen is enough to warm the coldest of English hearts. The choreography of the show blends so seamlessly into the acting that even those who aren’t inclined to see a dance production would be wowed. Each move is executed with both perfection and ease, tied up with boat loads of passion in a way I didn’t think possible.

The staging of Flying into Daylight couldn’t have been more perfect; a very simple set yet full of character. We walk into the theatre to tango musician Julian Rowlands playing the bandoneon, which continues throughout to accompany the dancers in true Argentinian style, switching between bandoneon, violin and piano.

For an evening I am transported to a milongas in Buenos Aires, to a tale of desire, passion and breaking free. A tale that started but did not finish. A tale that will never finish, so long as people like Virginia continue to follow their desires. People who are willing to ruin their lives in a good way, for their art and what that brings them.

Flying into Daylight is a production not to be missed, running at Live Theatre until 20th December.

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