REVIEW: Mixtape Boy Bands vs. Girl Bands @ Live Theatre, Newcastle

5th September 2014
Written and Directed by Melanie Rashbrooke

Game show come sketch show. Quiz night with added culture. The LOLs plus the character. What do you get?  You get Mixtape. And a crackin’ good night.

Mixtape sees the audience guessing what artists, bands and songs have inspired a series of short sketches in a unique take on the pub quiz . As I mentioned in my preview of the show , this Mixtape’s theme was Boy Bands vs. Girl Bands, awakening the 90s child deep inside me. This was a very clever theme to get everybody involved as you had songs from the 80s to the present day (who listens to 5 Seconds of Summer anyway!? Well, apart from my sister…)

While some of the sketches were a lot easier to guess than others (having guessed ‘What I Go To School For’  within the first five seconds, I was slightly annoyed when the phrase “it’s what I go to school for” came up in the script), all of the pieces were wonderfully written, frighteningly engaging and really very hilarious.

The costumes, much like the acting, were authentic, fitting and versatile enough for the actors to transform from character to character.

While the constant theme of the two bands – Kitty Kats and Eskimo Blue – was a brilliant way to tie the show together (really, I’ve got a fistful of pure emotion for the lot of you ), I must say I was upset when the snotty, full-of-themselves characters won the talent contest.

But you know, I suppose that’s showbiz…

Seriously, next time Mixtape is on you need to get tickets. Go on. Buy them now.

Information about upcoming Mixtape events can be found at the Live Theatre website

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