REVIEW: Peaking Lights – Cosmic Logic

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Musical couple Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis of Peaking Lights return to the music scene two years after releasing their third album, Lucifer. The fourth album, entitled Cosmic Logic, does what it says on the tin. The sound you expect to hear is what you get: twinkly and shimmery, with some lyrical merit. The best way to explain this album would be as the soundtrack to a day in the life of Vince Noir.

Well structured psych patterns display that the pair have been hard at work, intertwining a mixture of grooves drawing from disco, dub, indie and house and still managing to sound cohesive. Beginning strong with ‘Infinite Trips,’ which proves to be simpler than the couple’s usual sound, the album appears to be at good stead.

However, despite a strong start the rest of Cosmic Logic becomes a bit of a starry blur, with a similar range of electro beats swamping over one another. It becomes difficult to decipher when one track ends and another begins.

Although with that being said it was clear when the likes of ‘New Grrls’ began, making some of Peaking Lights’ most direct and refreshing points. Here, Indra leads into a whirlwind of beats, calling upon feminist progression. ‘Dreamquest’ takes a step back and slows the pace of the album down, creating a more relaxed feel by drawing on their earlier recordings.

It’s obvious that Peaking Lights have settled down into a groove. Unfortunately this groove seems to involve plodding along with little variety between tracks, then surprising the listener by sprinkling in several interesting songs.

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