REVIEW: The Mispers – ‘Shoulder’

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unnamed1-600x600Formed just a mere 18 months ago, The Mispers have become known for their deliverance of moody indie, violin-infused rock; latest single ‘Shoulder’ is no different. It is quite a treat to listen to; in instrumental terms it is richly layered and complex, opening with lovely folky guitars before the vocals kick in and you are somewhat soothed by Jack Balfour Scott who provides a delightfully stressed persona across the fluttering guitar notes and steady percussion work. He has this addictive helium-high tone of voice that may not be for everyone, but I am definitely a fan.

The track then rapidly becomes a lot heavier and the intensity grows. Driving drums and a heaving rhythm combine with wailing electric guitars, creating this captivating catchy song that is filled with emotion.

The lyrics in the chorus feel frustrated which breathes life into the repeated line “I can give a thousand reasons just to hold you.” The band have expressed that ‘Shoulder’ is a hopeful song about unity, and about how much more can be achieved when you stick together. The lyrics: “Looking for a compromise/Every time the room divides/Oh, I was like a ghost, cause I was feeling so shy/When all of our worlds collide” certainly express that, yet the narrative of the video feeds us the theme of separation.

Taking place in a delightful hipster home, we see very emotional performances from actress Alice Maguire and Balfour Scott, a couple in distress. In an entertaining manner, Balfour Scott casually bridges the gap between acting and dancing, which is captivating to watch. Like his singing, he expresses the stressed persona of a man whose relationship needs a boost. The use of single shots of Maguire, Balfour Scott and other band members in separate set-ups though mirrors, hallways and doorways further give out a combined feel of intimacy and claustrophobia which mirrors the feeling you get while listening.

The track and video from this exciting new band are a joy to watch and listen, and it is obvious to see why they have already become a cult favourite in the London music scene. I will be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for their next instalment.

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