Sun Catcher by Sheila Rance

Published by Orion Childrens
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ad0c8c33efb8e3feab8f743956b3f985Synopsis: Maia doesn’t know of her destiny, but her father Tareth does, and he has done everything in his power to stop her from knowing who she is and where she came from. However when her naming day comes, her destiny is revealed and she must decide whether she will take her name or discard it. Throw in two boys, a lizard lover and a weed master, and things may become confusing. Will she catch the sun and defeat her ruthless sister or will the sun’s fire destroy her?

Sheila Rance provides an intriguing start to the Sun Catcher trilogy, introducing new characters who will have their own stories and destinies. However, Sun Catcher is all about Maia’s destiny. Sheila Rance manages to show the leadership skills that Maia doesn’t even know she has, and therefore immediately grips the reader as they wonder: will she ever live up to her destiny? Maia is thrown into a world that she knew nothing about due to her father Tareth’s attempts to conceal her from Khander and her inescapable fate. However, her unknown sister, Xania, turns up with a story coat which tells her the hidden stories of her unknown sisters (who have been at the hand of their ruthless sister and Queen of Khander, Elin). Maia has to move quickly, when she is hunted by the Wulf Kin, on the order of Elin, if she is to fulfil her destiny.

I think that more people should read this book as it grips the reader and keeps you intrigued the whole way through. I think that Rance provides an excellent storyline to which readers will easily relate, even though it is set in the Bronze Age and is different to modern day life. It has the perfect balance between fantasy and a hint of romance, without becoming a romance novel and forgetting its quest.

To find out more about Sheila Rance and the Sun Catcher trilogy, visit her official website.

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