Top 5… Pre-Christmas Favourites

christmasThe most exciting time of year? Unquestionably. The build-up to Christmas strikes giddy, childish joy into even the grumpiest Scrooges around. And  how could it not? Festive tracks dominate the charts and dazzling lights don every city and village alike; there are so many pre-Christmas best-bits to choose from, it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite. Good job we get to enjoy all of them.

  1. Advent Calendars

Kick-starting December with a Christmassy treat, and every day thereafter until the25th, the advent calendar provides that little jolt of excitement in the form of chocolate, or whatever else you find behind that tiny numbered door. Whether it’s chocolate that greets you, make-up, bath bombs or a joke, you can always count on something fun to set you up for the day! And who said advent calendars were only for kids? Anyone from 7 to 70 can enjoy them, and that’s their beauty. There’s  an advent calendar for everyone, so what’s yours going to be?

  1. Putting up the Tree

Yes, the smallest of gestures can be the most iconic. Nothing screams Christmas more than a tree covered in sparkling baubles, glittering tinsel and a star on top. Every type from the classic green fir tree  to the mini pink plastic tree encapsulates Christmas in all its glory . The perfect backdrop to your last-minute Christmas shopping, the tree acts as a helpful reminder that all the stress of buying a thousand presents is going to be worth it on the day.

  1. Festive Films

Dominating TV in the run up to Christmas, festive films are unavoidable when it comes to December. There are innumerable classics from It’s a Wonderful Life  to Elf, Love Actually and  even Die Hard (that’s right, Die Hard). Everyone  has a favourite and, undoubtedly, that favourite will appear on your TV Guide at some point soon. Despite the variety of Christmas films, there’s a unifying theme: happiness. You won’t come out of a Christmas film feeling down in the dumps, that’s for sure. So why not crack on one of the best right now ? I feel a marathon of every ‘Christmas Carol’ film ever coming on…

  1. Holiday Hits

Even more so than the films, there is literally no escape from Christmas music anywhere. Shops, pubs, the radio… everywhere you go, a festive favourite won’t be far off and that certainly isn’t a bad thing. For decades, musicians have been pumping out Christmas classics like nothing else. Originating  with the likes of Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole, Christmas hits haven’t stopped coming, with Band Aid 30 releasing their charity single this November. What would Christmas be without a family chorus of ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’? Certainly a lot quieter.

  1. Christmas Eve

The best thing about the build-up to Christmas? Well, Christmas Eve of course! The 24th of December amalgamates all of the previous favourites and more… Community spirit is never more alive than on Christmas Eve: the final presents are being put under the tree and everyone’s singing, dancing and waiting for what’s to come. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of going up to bed on that night, no matter how old you are; all that’s left is to patiently wait for the magical delights that await you on the 25th.

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