Get involved

If you have taken a look at Cuckoo Review and want to get involved, it’s never too late to join our team of young journalists.

Firstly, you need to be aged between 15-23 and based in the North of England. If you are both of those things, you then need to send us your contact details via (it will only take a minute).

You can sign up at any time, and you can apply to write as much or as little as you want.

How does it work?
Cuckoo reviewers receive an email every month with a list of the things to be covered. This will be a mixture of previews, news items, reviews, interviews and other articles. You will then email back telling us what you’d like to cover. If you have some brilliant ideas or burning passions, you can also pitch us articles you’d like to write.

We’ll confirm what you’ve been signed up for, when and where you need to be, and a deadline by which we need to receive your piece. If you’re reviewing a live event/screening or performance, you’ll be expected to write the review and send it to us within 48 hours. We supply tickets, book and music- you don’t have to buy them.

For details of how to submit, have a look at our SUBMIT page.

Most pieces are edited and appear on Cuckoo Review within a week. We will tweet about it! And you will be a published writer!

Any questions or for more information, please email .