On this page we attempt to answer all the questions you might have about Cuckoo Review before you even think of them…

What if I’ve never written before/don’t know what a preview is/am worried I might be rubbish?
Being a Cuckoo Reviewer is about being interested, wanting to know more, using your own reference points and developing your own voice. We do not expect you to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of any artform, artist, writer or musician you write about. We do not expect you to sound like a professional journalist.

If you’d like help with your writing or feedback on work submitted so far, have a look at our Help page.


Do I have to buy tickets/ books/ albums to review?
Nope. If it’s on the monthly content list we supply books/ music/ tickets to things. They will be sent out to you within a few days of receiving a confirmation about what you’ll be reviewing. If you pitch a review of something which is not on the content list, then you’ll have to get hold of the book/ album/ ticket yourself.

Do I have to write for every issue?
Nope. You can write for as many or few issues as you like.

How much “stuff” can I ask for from each content list?
You can request to review 1 ticketed event (theatre/ cinema etc.) and 1″other thing” (album/ book/ exhibition) per issue. You can request as many features as you like!

What if I have want to write about something that’s not on the content list?
That’s fine! In fact, it’s very much encouraged! If you’d like to review a film/ book/ event not included on the content list, just email to let us know.

If you’d like to write about something not already covered by Cuckoo Review (style? gaming? food?) or have an idea for a feature, we’d love to hear your ideas.


How do I have to submit my work?
Please have a look at our submission guidelines before you submit. It makes our life very much easier if you do.

What if I miss a deadline?
We know missing a deadline is sometimes unavoidable. If you know you’re going to need a bit longer, email  and we’ll work it out. But beware: if you regularly miss deadlines, we’ll stop sending you things!


Why isn’t my review on the site yet?
We try and get all work up a week after we receive it from you. If that hasn’t happened it could be for a number of reasons: sometimes we have a lot of reviews submitted in a week, sometimes we’re running a bit behind schedule, sometimes you’re review might have got lost (we try and ensure this doesn’t happen often!)!

If your review hasn’t appeared within TWO weeks of submitting it, please email  to check we’ve received it. Before that, please be patient!


I’m from London. Can I review for Cuckoo Review?
No, sorry. Cuckoo Review is for young writers aged 16-23 from the North of England. The North stretches from Berwick to Manchester, but does not include London!

I’m going to university in London, but I’m from the North. Can I review for Cuckoo Review?
If you’ve been writing for us and then you go away to university outside the North, then you can continue to write for us.