Why I love… Lemon Demon


Bands or artists who originate on the internet, especially comedy bands or artists, are always greeted with a certain dismissal. The stigma of internet-based fame and developing niche music online is that a band can appear less genuine, that somehow they aren’t worthy of praise or genuine merit. To straight away dismiss Lemon Demon as a lazy, generic comedy band would be disastrous and completely unjustified; they have so far released ten albums, two live albums and a Christmas EP.

Lemon Demon is the brainchild of Neil Cicierega, who provides keyboards and vocals, and is made up of Cicierega, Alora Lanzillotta, Charlie “Chooch” Sergio, and Greg Lanzillotta. The predominately synth-based band began releasing music at the dawn of the 2000s however; they did not achieve great success until the release of the track ‘The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny’ in 2006, which achieved huge popularity on YouTube, amassing over 11 million views. The song, a funky “who would win in a fight?” tale was finally a comedy song done right, striking the right balance between humour and actual musical merit, stopping the project from seeming forced like so many other comedy or parody songs before it. The track gained a justly deserved cult following and gave greatly needed exposure to, what was then, a completely obscure band.

Overlooked by most of the mainstream, and even by most of the internet sub-culture, the band still thrives in the niche market it has cut out for itself, which is perhaps fitting for a group that is influenced so much by a ‘retro nerd’ culture. The most important thing about Lemon Demon is that they embrace fun – everything about their songs radiate with energy and optimism. From the the opening riff and lyrics to ‘Ode To Crayola’ (the best song about crayons you’ll ever hear) to the smooth synth beats of the three song epic ‘Dinosaurchestra’, Lemon Demon deliver songs to make you smile. Lemon Demon is the band you listen to after a long day. Lemon Demon is the band you listen to when you just want to have a good time. Lemon Demon is the band you listen to because they produce album after album of pure, unadulterated fun.

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