Woods: With Light and With Love

Released 15 April 2014
Available now on iTunes

The seventh album from Woods, a band whose name only reinforces their obscurity, is titled With Light and With Love. Obviously, it is that not hard to guess the theme for this one. Usually, I enjoy obscure music. I know that not everyone does, but even with just one half-listen to this it will slowly sneak up on you, and you should definitely let it.

The journey starts with a leisurely, retro-rigged repertoire that gets inside you as it begins to tempt you with its tranquil tone and tenor. Suddenly, you fall down into a deep, nine-minute trance. You will enjoy the experiential nature of the title track. You will, strangely, feel the love float around you, through the subtle but altogether striking guitar work. One thing is certain: Woods do not lack any heart. Their whole album is full of a surreal, bizarre, spirit of psychedelic folkiness which somehow liberates your soul; With Love is fairly laid-back, lighting a creative flame in which you see can yourself falling in love during a carefree summer day spent in 1960s San Francisco.

To put it bluntly, each track continues from another spill of mellow-pop. That’s not to say that the songs cannot stand alone, however. Tracks you’re sure to download include ‘New Light’, filled with a hopefulness that keeps it from sounding too similar to the increasingly popular indie folk with which we are all too familiar. ‘Leaves like Glass’ is a great example of the band’s ability to drift from a striking electric guitar and gentle acoustic twin with ease. ‘Only the Lonely’ sounds like a smarter version of an early Shins song, while closing with ‘Feather Man’ leaves you with the feeling that, although you didn’t find any answers, you feel somewhat okay about having asked the question.

Woods’ With Love is almost like listening to The Beatles in the modern day, providing a safer magical mystery tour of music. With Love is for fans as well as new friends. Enjoy its sedate pace, which rewards you with sparks that will continue to shine!

For more information on Woods, visit their official website.

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